Roster of the Third Maine Regt. Vol. Inf.

        Here you will find what is probably the most comprehensive and accurate available roster of the 3rd Maine during its three-year existence. This information was compiled from several original resources and involved many years' of hard work by David Gowen. In order to save on server space and facilitate name searches the roster of over 1600 names is provided in smaller pieces at two levels of detail. The menu below will take you to pages with lists of names only. From these pages you can access PDF files containing those names and information about each soldier. This information includes the company in which the soldier served, muster town, age at enlistment, dates mustered in and mustered out, reason for discharge, and highest rank attained. Additional relevant information is provided for some soldiers. This data is available for anyone to use but common courtesy and standards of scholarship dictate that any reproduction of this information be accompanied by citation of David Gowen and this web site.

Third Maine Regiment Volunteer Infantry
Mustered in 6/4/1861
Mustered out 6/28/1864

Captain Gowen will provide you with some important information about the sources for the regimental roster and the context and qualifiers for the data. (PDF file)  


  Select a list of names from the above menu and click on "Go". On each page selected clicking on the Maine state seal in the upper right will open the PDF file that accompanies the names on that page. Clicking on the 3rd Maine regimental colors in the upper left will return you to this page.


This is the seal of the State of Maine that was adopted by the state legislature on June 9, 1820. This version of the seal was used until 1880, so it served as one of the symbols of the state during the Civil War. More about Maine symbols and flags can be found here.  


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