Infantry Information & Training

For the Fresh Fish

What to Expect as a New Member and Recruit in Training

Required Clothing and Equipment List (PDF)

Suggested Sutlers
(These are clothing and equipment suppliers that have been used by unit members.
The presence of particular suppliers on this list does not indicate an endorsement by Co.A, 3rd Maine.)

C & C Sutlery
C & D Jarnagin Company
Fall Creek Sutlery
Regimental Quartermaster

Useful Information for Both Fresh and Old, Stale Fish

Hardee's Rifle and Infantry Tactics, 1862

Casey's Infantry Tactics, 1862

USV Battalion Drill Manual

McClellan's Manual of Bayonet Excercise

Kautz' Customs of Service for Non Commissioned Officers and Soldiers

Kautz' Customs of Service for Officers of the Army

Summary of Dal Bello's Instructions for Guards (PDF)

Silas' Library of Links

Musician's Calls


Camp Impression Authenticity Standards (PDF)

USV Authenticity Standards (PDF)

A short treatise on the making of hardtack, by Uncle Jaque:

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