The members of Co. A, 3rd Maine consider community service to be an innate part of our mission. While many of these service activities are related to Civil War education and the preservation of the memory of Maine's Civil War history, others support remembering the veteran's of all of our wars and helping others in need.

Included among our recent community service activities are a multi-year fund raising campaign to support the preservation of the original 3rd Maine's national colors that were discovered hidden away in poor condition at the Maine State Museum in Augusta. The 3rd Maine's flag, along with those of other preserved or restored Maine Civil War flags, was put on public display in the Hall of Flags during the summer and fall of 2003.

In 2005 we donated funds to help preserve the flag of the 5th Maine, displayed at the 5th Maine Regiment Center. We also purchased and donated to the Maine State Museum a trunk which was originally the property of Lt. Charles. T. Watson, the quartermaster of the 3rd Maine Regt. Vol. Inf. We recently donated funds to support the preservation of the Franklin Battlefield and the Gettysburg National Military Park. During the past several years Co. A, 3rd Maine has raised several thousand dollars for the fight against MS.



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